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What is Domain Name?

A name that represents your website, so that your potential customers know where to find you in the internet.

In general, domain name comes in 2 part

1. The name - normally, this represents your business name

2. the extension - is the last part of the domain name, (e.g. .com)
There are many other extensions available for you to buy, and second most popular for businesses are the localize-centric domain name, like for Australian businesses.

Localize-centric domain name helps your customer to identify location of your business instantly.


How much does it cost?

Domain names are rated by many factors such as:

  1. Popularity

  2. Traffic the domain received in the past. If you happen to find these domains to be on sale with reasonable price, then buying this domain for your business is a good idea.

For new domains, the price is around $8 to $10 /year. For localise-centric domain, like or, normally cost $35/2 years and must be bought per 2 years basis.

For expired domains are tend to be more expensive, as they have collected substantial amount of traffic. So really, it’s not just the name that you pay for, it’s also the traffic sitting behind the name.

Where to buy?

There are many places to buy new domains, such as:

and many more. The competition is extremely high in selling domains, I hosted all my domains through because of their service.

Most web-hosting providers are selling domain names as well, simply because once you bought the domain, it must be linked to where your website is hosted.
So it is best to put them together in the same place, for the sake of easier to maintain.

Domain Name to Rank Your Website

Close to half of small businesses are losing their online traffics simply because failing to get the right domain name for their business.

Domain name is the very first thing that’s being search by search engines. This makes, having domain name that represent your main keyword is crucial.

Many businesses they bought domain name that represents their business name, in this case, buying 2 domain name 1 for your business name and the other

for your main keyword is a good practice for your SEO strategy.


The Age of the Domain.

Do you know that search engines check for the age of the domain?

You can find expiry dates of your domain through, it’s a very easy website to use and will give you the details you need about your domain registration status.

If you are serious with your business, mark when your domain expires and extend it to the next 5 years.

The longer it expires the better for the search engines.



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