Terms & Conditions


The supplier of this service is ADVIS Web Development.

10 Trillium BVD, Mickleham

Victoria, 3064



ABN 59 568 263 302


  1. About this document

    The ‘Customer’ (in this document is referred as you) is the person, company, or other entity that provides their personal details when purchasing a service from ADVIS Web Development. By sign-in up you promise that you are over 18 years of age or you can arrange your parent or guardian to sign you up.

    The ‘Business Day’ means any day from Monday to Friday, other than public holiday in the place where recipient of notice is locate.

    ‘ADVIS’ is referred to ADVIS Web Development (supplier of this service).

    These terms and conditions are the terms on which ADVIS provide:

    • IT Infrastructure Solution.

    • Website Design and Development.

    • Associated services or software such as Content Management System or support.

    This document is a contract between customer and ADVIS. Agreement in this document will commence on the date when customer subscribes to the service provided by ADVIS and continue for the duration of the agreed initial term.

    These terms and conditions may vary time to time. ADVIS may update this terms and conditions or pricing structure for any service provided by ADVIS by general notice on page of the internet.

  2. Use of service

    On acceptance to subscribe to ADVIS Content Management System, ADVIS will provide you with username and password, which you can use to access ADVISCommerce to upload data and manage your shop.

    • You are responsible to keep your password secret.

    • You must ensure that any information, data or software available from your website:

      • Free of virus, Trojan, worms and other malicious code.

      • Complies with criminal or civil laws and regulations, including intellectual property and censorship.

      • Does not infringe any piracy, copyright are becoming customer’s responsibility; however ADVIS has the rights to remove/ modify content of your website that we believe infringes your obligations.

    • You must not or allow anyone to:

      • Use the service for any illegal purposes.

      • Resell, hire, lease or make the service available to third parties.

      • Make any unauthorized modification to the service.

  3. Acceptance of work

    Quotation provided by ADVIS to customer is based on the information given by customer to ADVIS and is valid for 14 business days from the date of issue.

    Customer can accept a quotation by signing a copy of it and sending it to ADVIS, or if ADVIS agrees, by email.

    Additional work requested by customer that is not specified in the agreed quotation form is subject to additional quotation by ADVIS in the receipt of specification and this may affect delivery time of the existing project.

    ADVIS liable to withdraw from contract at any time prior to acceptance.

  4. Intellectual Property

    • ADVIS may include any development credits and links within any code developed by ADVIS Web Development.

      • ADVIS may include any development credits and links on customer’s website developed by ADVIS Web Development.

      • ADVIS may include any work done by ADVIS for customer in a portfolio of work.

      • Charges will incur, shall there is a request to remove the license of the website or to host the website elsewhere.

    All pages, images, data, information for the project created by ADVIS belong to customer upon final payment.

    Design created by ADVIS must not be used more than once by customer without any prior written agreement.

    All pages, images, text, code and any other digital content found in ADVIS’ Website is copyrighted to ADVIS.

  5. Search Engine Optimisation

    Customer acknowledges that ADVIS makes no warranty that a search engine optimisation will generate any increase in sales, profit, or any form of improvement for the Customer’s business.

  6. Payment

    ADVIS requires a payment to be made prior to any work commenced by ADVIS.

    All invoices must be paid in full within 5 business days from the issue date and ADVIS will only carry on the work where an invoice has been paid in full.

    For project:

    • Under $AUD 1000, payment must be made by ordering.

    • AUD$1000 to $AUD 5000, payment must be made in 2 stages. 50% by ordering and 50% upon completion or as per agreement between ADVIS and Customer.

    • $AUD 5000 and over, payments must be made as per agreement between ADVIS and Customer.

    Once the work has completed, customer is obliged to pay any outstanding balance in full by the due date in the invoice. If any outstanding balance is not settled or ADVIS has not been contacted regarding the delay, access to the related website will be denied and web pages will be removed. Charges will be applied for restoring access of the related website and re-publishing related web pages.


    Payment can be made to ADVIS by:

    • PayPal at “paypal@advis.com.au

    • Electronic Funds Transfer

      • Bank: Commonwealth Bank

      • Account Name: ADVIS Web Development

      • BSB: 063019

      • Account No: 10 319 423

  7. Cancellation

    Customer is allowed to cancel a project, without any refund is made.

    ADVIS liable to withdraw from contract at any time prior to acceptance with a full deposit refund.

  8. Term and Termination

    This agreement will continue for work in progress until terminated by either ADVIS or Customer.

    • Customer may terminate this agreement by sending email to support@advis.com.au.

    • For any expired service subscriptions, customer has 30 days to re-activate any inactive accounts.

    • ADVIS may terminate this agreement at any time with or without any notice.

    • Customer must not utilize the service to sell or offer the following: illegal drugs, weapons, pirated materials, sexual products or programs, nudity, pornography, child pornography, and any related content supporting any of the above. ADVIS will terminate any website that is related to the above without notice.

    • Upon termination for any reason, ADVIS may delete any data related to the customer within 30 days after the date of termination.

  9. Your Privacy

    ADVIS will not share or sell any of your details to any third party companies, without your permission.

    ADVIS will only email you or contact you about work related matters.