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If 2012 was considered the year when companies attracted and engaged consumers through social media, 2013 is, definitely, the year to turn them into real buyers and boost e-commerce. Every single survey and study points in that direction: the (new) keys to sell online are healthy and engaging social relationships.


1-year sales social

This subject has been much discussed in the last CRM Evolution in NY. Companies should begin testing solutions and sales strategies on social networks, say by the way, one of the most celebrated features of the networks, given their viral content and collaborative. According to the research eCRM123 held last Christmas, 40% of consumers surveyed approve of social commerce (electronic commerce within social networks). Recent initiatives in sales in social networks coming from giants like Facebook and Amazon (quoted p / overcome Walmart as the world's largest retailer in 2017.), Pinterest and Polyvore attest to the fact.


2-If you sell, deliver!

If sales in social networks are to become reality, will be a post apocalyptic reality is not fulfilled the promise of delivery. In our latest survey, 25% considered the delay in delivering the worst problem of online sales. Remember that in social networks, the complaint is shared frightening pace and can bury your product and increasing, and much, spent his recovery reputation.


3-Post-sales in social networks

In 2013, according to e-bit, electronic commerce sales are expected to grow 25%.

Yes, you should sell more, especially in times seasonal, but many companies overlook (witness the number of complaints and companies # fail at social networking) the fact that more sales will generate more problems and hence complaints. In 2013, more consumers will use social networks for complaint. The good news is that, according to surveys of eCRM123, 63% feel great to receive support in the social network.


4-Mark is still the man

Facebook is still the best platform to meet their consumers on the web, despite the growth of Google +. With several new tools like "social search", a premium version of Facebook Pages and improvements in their Analytics (after acquisition of Threadsy) should boost their use and renew investments. According to the research eCRM123, 78% of respondents consider the network of Mr. Mark ideal for after-sales.


5-The rise of Google+

Google+ has surpassed Twitter in number of active users and due to its excellent interface, integration with Google tools, should continue to attract new users and offering new features. So start to familiarize yourself and build your structure in this network as soon as possible, since Google will surprise you.


6-Replace the relationship by promoting

Time to face the consumer has definitely evolved and smells of propaganda distance. Consumers no longer trust in social advertising. Business is indicated. Survey by Nielsen, with 28,000 Internet users in 56 countries, shows that 92% of respondents rely more on referrals from friends and family than any other form of advertising. On the other hand, the testimony of other consumers online are the second most accepted form.

Educate your consumers with useful content before purchase, answer your questions, conduct polls, and strengthen relationships with them in a way that encourages them to create reviews, testimonials and indications of its products in its own network.


7-A picture is worth a thousand posts

In August last year, 93% more content viralizados by brands on Facebook were images, according to Social Bakers. Another study from ROI Research shows that people are more likely to engage with posts involving pictures. Mainly female audience. It is a fact, given the explosive growth of networks for sharing images like Instagram, Pinterest and others. Time to invest in the creation of visually rich and relevant content. According to Ricardo De Lucia, outreach director of Hytrade, "Creating multi-media campaigns (email, social networking, blog and web site) included, based on images developed for this purpose, audience and attracts viraliza your message, generating excellent result."


8-Focus on relevant social networks

Do not even try to be everywhere at the same time. You need to be on social networks and digital media where your consumers are. In several surveys conducted by eCRM123, in 2012, the majority of respondents use Facebook and Twitter, followed by Google+. In which networks are saying about your product / service? Perform periodic searches on social networks to understand which are the most relevant to your business. In social business, consumer and points the way most companies do not. You need to have the tool and the correct structure to listen to them and interact at the right time. This strategy will maximize your results and reduce their costs, making it easier to convert followers into customers.


9 Big Data

Data generated from tweets, posts, videos, geolocation and customer behavior, or unstructured data, representing 85% of the information which companies deal today. This is Big Data and is expected to grow 40% annually through 2015, according to research. The phenomenon of Big Data has existed for some time, but now has become an unavoidable reality. There are already several tools ready to use, in which it is possible to start the automation of this process. At the time of social business, who owns the most current information hold the best offer.


10-Invest in applications for marketing.

According to a survey conducted in the UK, 71% of companies surveyed plan to increase their investments in digital marketing technologies like CRM, web analytics, social media managers, e-mail marketing, among other technologies.

And it is well known that the Gertner Institute 2017 Marketing technology investments held more than the IT department itself. What is the connection with social sales? Total, because as noted, there is an immense amount of information in social networks that can be critical to your business. The manual process of "mining" these data is slow and therefore ineffective. 2013 is the limit to suit the use of Social CRM tools and social network analysis.

In a single control panel, you can have a macro view of their consumers, social networks and online business opportunity. And, contrary to popular belief, the costs are increasingly accessible.


11-The e-mail is still effective

So, in this scenario breaks, I finally abandon the good old email? It appears you have not: According to research by Monetate, the conversion rates in sales of e-mail are far superior to the social. To increase your results, use the power of social networks to engage your prospects and build a relationship of trust and then continue the dialogue via e-mail in order to complete the conversion to sales. Although it is possible to automate this process by using tools Social CRM, for example, to accelerate the results.


12-Social media is not new.

Brazil already occupies the 2nd position in the ranking of number of Facebook profiles (29.7 million), second only to the USA. We are considered by the Wall Street Journal, the capital of the universal social networks. So keep in mind in 2013: "Social networking is no longer the hot news of the moment."

Especially when we talk to the consumer, that guy that uses social networks for years as a tool of socialization in their daily lives. Observe the time companies dealing with social networks as if they were entering new ground and futuristic. The social consumers have no patience with companies that "do not understand". Especially in Brazil. Result: # fail hashtag linked to the name of the company on Twitter.

Use social networks to entertain, create relationships with influencers, hold the power of conversation and focus on the correct channels. Share best to increase their power range. Do not waste time trying to sell so traditional social networks.


13-Digital Darwinism

Have you noticed that I like to think of 2013 as a year of renewal, of evolution. In this context, I call attention to the study on "Digital Darwinism" by Brian Solis, because in my opinion, there is now more conducive to this phenomenon than this year. According to this theory, when technology and society evolve faster than the ability of companies to adapt, they will go bankrupt. It is the main reason why companies like Blockbuster gigantic Polaroid, Life magazine, Kodak, among many others, this fateful destiny. The best fit to better survive regardless of the size of the business. The remedy to survive Digital Darwinism is seemingly simple: Gaining competitive advantage, driving innovation, developing distribution channels and differentiated proposals to consumers.

Companies too rigid culture, unable to adapt are doomed to extinction. Social networks open up a world of opportunities for businesses of all sizes adapt and gain a large competitive advantage, ensuring its place in the evolutionary scale digital.


The fast world of the internet, which includes people with less time and more tasks, with each passing day it is becoming increasingly used by e-commerce companies. Find themselves in a long while, promotions after promotions, incentives and special conditions to users.

If that saying soft water in hard rock, much beats up sticking is true, then, the cyber world has reinvented itself once again? Of course you do! With new social networks, among them Facebook, Twitter, blogs and pages relationship, said electronic commerce began to use them for their own purposes. And that has not worked, even with discounts that can reach 50%?


As these trends curtail new followers, nothing better than to illustrate a cute product, well highlighted in an advertisement. Both Peter Quissack, coordinating the company's commercial Tray Systems, betting in the media, because the person who previously had no intention of shopping, you can have your keen sense of smell, which allows a stock rotary stores with new merchandise launched from time to time primarily on specific dates.

dissatisfied customers with products and services have been using over the internet as a means of influencing the decisions of the brands they consume. Eyeing this behavior, big companies are using social networks as a source of inspiration for design changes in products and services.


According to experts, the trend is that the customer service is increasingly channeled to the web environment, approaching customers' brands. Data E.Life, which operates in the market rapport, monitoring and analysis of social media, show that young people, at the time of claim, are already using the networks themselves before speaking with those responsible for products.

Alessandro Barbosa Lima, chief executive of the company said that in addition to ease of communication, another factor that enhances the power of the consumer web is the ability to register a criticism that can be seen at any time. "The internet goes beyond the time barrier. Negative statements made ​​in 2004 are still available to be consulted in 2010, "he says.



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