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As more people are using mobile devices nowadays, Google has decided to update their algorithms to match this massive needs.

This search engine giant has announced that the update of mobile-friendly algoritm will be released by 21st April 2015.


With all these changes, Google will filter non-responsive website  or non-mobile friendly website to their index for mobile, in other words more mobile-friendly sites will appear in their search results.


Google has also provided a free tool for us to see if our website if mobile friendly website. You can just follow this link, to check.

Once you are on the page, you will see the following.

This is a very simple tool for you to use,



Enter your website address and click on the blue analyze button.

Google will start capturing details about your website and once everything is done, you will get to see a screenshot of your responsive website.

Something like below,



Bookmark this page and watch this video when you are free.

The video is about the Q&A for mobile-friendly ranking change by Google.



The change will not just seeing if a webpage is mobile-friendly or not, in fact, it will see if you are as a website owner, mobile-friendly or not.

This means, factors like follow musti be taken into considerations:

1. Speed of your site on mobile

2. Layout of content

3. Font-size

4. Content density

and many more.

If you have a website and your website site is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you should start doing it right now.

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