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What is Google+ custom URL?


Once you have signed up with Google+, you will be assigned a URL to access your profile.

With setting up custom URL in your profile, you are basically turning a URL





Setting up Google+ custom URL is highly recommended in helping your audience to reach your business page or even personal page.


To start, you must make sure that your Google+ page is eligible for custom URL.

Different types of organisation has different type of criteria to be met.


For individual users:

  • You must have ten of more followers

  • Your account must be 30 days old or more

  • Your profile must include profile photo

For local Google+ pages: You must have your local business verified.

For non-local Google+ pages: Your must have your page linked to a website


Once you are eligible for Google+ custom URL,

just follow these 4 simple steps to setup your Google+ URL.


1. Go to Profile page


2. Click on “About”


3. Scroll down to “Links” section and click “Edit” link under Google+URL heading.


4. A dialog box will appear, and it’s your time to pick your favorite URL.


Please note that you can’t change your URL once it’s set!, make sure you are happy with the Custom URL.

The only thing that you can do is editing the capitalization of the URL.



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Good luck!

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