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Having a website is mandatory for every businesses nowadays regardless the size and looking for one who’s doing it for you is another story.
There are milions of website designer / developer out there, if you search for “website developer” there are around 400 million pages returned and around 700 million pages returned for “website designer”.

There is no way on earth, you would go through the list 1 by 1 just to build a website for your business, let’s narrow down the list by using these questions.


1. Can the site be easily updated?

Ability to change content of the site is called Content Management System.
An online software so that website owner able to update the content of the site, this is very important criteria for anyone to have a website. As this will dramatically reduce the maintenance cost of your website.


2. What about blogging engine?

Complete blogging engine is very important part in a website. This is one of the keys that will help you boost your website ranking in Google.


3. Can I add membership page?

Membership page is also important key to have in your website. With membership page, you can offer tools / valuable resources about your service or product only to your VIP customer.This helps you to offer better customer service to your customer.


4. Social Media integration?

By 2013, there are  over 1 billion users using facebook,  over 800 million users in Twitter and over 70 million.

If your website doesn’t allow you to pin/tweet/share  in some way then you need to think about it again.


5. Local or overseas?

The answer is depends. It really depends on your current business situation. In some cases outsourcing your project to overseas does cut initial development cost, however there are cases that you might need to get your local guy to fix/re-jig the work to suit your need due to availability issue.
Really think about it before going overseas.


Start with the right mindset to get the right goal, internet is a great way to start your business, it’s cheap to start however you need the right support to success and internet marketing doesn’t get cheaper. Start your shopping cart website now.


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