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What is On Page Optimization?

On page optimization is an activity where you optimize the followings:

  1. Title of your page
    Don't just say "Home" or "About Us" as the title of the page, it is important to keywords into the page as that is what's picked up by Google and try to keep it between 55 and 60 characters.
    You can see the red-box below is the result of optimizing title of your page.
    META Tag Optimization
  2. Meta Description of your page.
    This is a field where you can advertise your service, mix it up with your keywords and try to keep it between 150 to 160 characters.
    Look at the green box below as result of optimizing the meta description field. As you can see thses words are in bold: "packaging, plastic packaging, Melbourne"
    META Tag Optimization
  3. Image Title Attribute
    Many website nowadays built with WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editor, this is an opportunity for you to optimize images that in your website with your keywords.
    This helps search engines like Google to understand what the image is all about.
    If you find anything similar to this one below, just fill in the empty red-boxes below to optimize your image.

Those are 3 quick steps to optimize your page to be picked up by Google, once you have done that wait for couple of weeks

and you will see how the result is impacting your ranking in Google.

On the other hand, many people get too excited and the page become "over-optimized", which is not good.

There is a fine balance of the keywords density that you should put into the optimized page and

I highly recommend that you use this tool below to find the balance.

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