Securing Your Website with SSL, What is SSL?  ( 0 comment )

In the online world, it is important to have a simple understanding on SSL,

especially when our business website has started to take payments from customer.


People are using SSL (Security Socket Layer), widely used technology around the world to secure our business website and

this article will give you a basic information about SSL,

around the followings:

1. What is SSL

2. When it is used

3. Lifetime of SSL

4. The risk

5. The cost.



SSL stands for Security Socket Layer, it is a technology used by millions of people to secure their website for any online transaction in place. In a nutshell, it is encrypting sensitive information between the end user (browser) and the website (server). SSL is mandatory to have for any website to do online transaction.


SSL Elements

There are 2 parts when a website is secured by SSL:

1.The first part is the “lock” symbol. It identifies if a site is secured through https.

2.The second part is “https”, https is the door that works with the “lock”.

See sample below.

SSL Elements


What do I mean by the “door”?
In the website world there are 2 doors to enter a website:

1.http (non-secured door)

2.https (secured door)

It’s like you have a home and 1 door is set with lock and the other door has no lock, that would be https and http, respectively.


SSL lifetime

SSL has expiry date, its expiry date normally is 1 year from the purchase date. However this can be extended prior to the purchase or once expired.
Once it’s expired the website will not be secured by the SSL, meaning, every single information that goes between the end user and the browser (server) is not encrypted.
See below for example.

Expired SSL


When the SSL is not installed properly, the same thing will happen between the end user and the website, nothing is secured.
See below for sample:

Incorrect SSL


It is important to note that when we shop online,

we need to make sure the SSL used by shop is properly installed and not expired.


The Cost

How much does it cost to have this installed to secure my website?
The cost is ranging from $49 /year to $3000 /year.

It depends on many things like:

1.Security level of the SSL

2.Trust level of the SSL

3.The brand of the SSL

And many more.

There are many to choose from and to think about when buying SSL.
Good news is, you don’t have to worry about this at all. With advis, we provide this for free to you.

Start your online website securely now, increase customer trust and credibility with no headache.


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