WordPress or not WordPress  ( 0 comment )

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a community-based website platform that will help you to create website easily and powered up with lots of plugins.

This platform has been used widely across the globe and has been around for many years.

Although initial setup is required, once it’s setup everything will just roll, will be good to go.

Is WordPress the only solution?

WordPress is a solution but might not be the only solution for your business.

There are many other website platform that will do the job to what you are after for your business.

WordPress is easy to use?

99% of online editor nowadays are using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology, which brings level of user-friendly between softwares are pretty much the same.

You can find training on how to use wordpress, this service is everywhere in your local area.

See sample of wysiwyg editor below,


Has Our Focus as Business Owner shifted ?

Too many businesses worry about “wordpress” or “not wordpress”, and we forget that running a business is all about “mastering delegation”, what you need is team of IT to run your IT department and let the them decide on the technology.


Delegate, delegate, delegate.



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